About Us

"Journey Of An Elite 1" - P.H.AS.E. 1

Our Mission


P.H.A.S.E. 1's core values are embodied in the our name's acronym - to discover "P-otential", unlock the passion in the"H-eart" while helping to develop a confident "A-ttitude" and teach the "S-kills" to become an "E-lite 1".


Our Vision


To be a company that creates programs and services that provides assistance to all. Inspiring them to become an "Elite 1". An “Elite 1” as an individual who fights through challenges while working to reach their goals, therefore becoming an "Elite 1" is not an arrival but a journey.

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Becoming An Elite 1

The Journey 

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We have been led to believe the “elite” are only the people at the top of their chosen profession (Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Diana Taurasi). We view them as arriving at the end of their journey, living a healthy, energetic and fun lifestyle, but the journey for them is ongoing.  It started with their first goal and continues with each new goal that follows . For these Elite 1’s, whether it was mom, dad, a coach or mentor, they all had someone to assist them in achieving their goals. This formula to becoming elite is possible in all our lives regardless of age, gender, race or status. Therefore becoming and Elite 1 is not an arrival but a journey, a journey we can all take even when it appears we have reached our destination.

Over a decade ago the directors of P.H.A.S.E. 1 set out to create a company that could provide assistance and inspire everyone they can become elite by defining an “Elite 1” as an individual who fights through challenges while working to reach their goals. Understand that reaching their first goals is just the beginning.  Their perseverance has now equipped them with the tools necessary to accomplish greater goals.

It soon became clear to the original Founders, Wayne Dawkins, Cherilyn Scobie and Marsha McDonald, the name of the company had to reflect what our mission would be; to help people discover their P-OTENTIAL”, unlock the passion in their H-EART”, while helping them develop a confident A-TTITUDE” and teaching them the S-KILLS” to becoming an “ELITE 1”.

P.H.A.S.E. 1’s Founders and the many volunteers have gone on to inspire and assist thousands of lives through educational workshops, dance programs, talent shows, basketball programs, fitness, athlete training, church ministries, teaching and more.