P.H.A.S.E. 1 Internship – Athlete Development 


Company: P.H.A.S.E. 1 Youth Association

Position Title:  Athlete Development

Reference No: 0005

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Contact Name: Wayne Dawkins

Contact #: (647)667-9950

Contact Email: admin@phase1youthassociation.com


P.H.A.S.E. 1 Athletics - Athlete Development Internship Program: 

At P.H.A.S.E. 1 Athletics our mission is to help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. The lifestyle of someone we call an Elite 1. P.H.A.S.E. 1’s founder has been assisting young athletes to become Elite 1’s for two decades.


At P.H.A.S.E. 1 Athletics we are striving to create the optimal environment and support network for you to accomplish your fitness and health goals. The journey to becoming an Elite 1 starts with setting and reaching that first small goal and we want to be there every step of the way.


The P.H.A.S.E. 1 Athletics internship program is designed to allow current students, recent graduates from college, university or personal training certification courses and business administration courses, to participate in hands on training, helping them to develop the skills they will need to work successfully with clients in the future, whether as a fitness trainer or administrator.  Interns will work alongside an experienced staff conducting a variety of tasks, including but not limited to training sessions, assisting with cleaning, maintenance and other office and administrative tasks.


Available Internships:

  • Athletic or Personal Trainer

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Marketing & Sales Assistant


As a P.H.A.S.E. 1 Athletics Intern, you will learn how to:

  • Perform fitness assessments and evaluations,

  • Develop training sessions and keep detailed progress reports on your clients,

  • Demonstrate proper training techniques, exercise coaching, motivation and instruction,

  • Coach and motivate clients to make appropriate changes to ensure consistent progress,

  • Track client progress, current successes and challenges, review client nutrition and exercise logs,

  • Provide ongoing health and fitness education that empowers clients to lead healthy lives forever,

  • Market and sell your fitness services,

  • Represent the vision, culture and values of P.H.A.S.E. 1 Athletics.


Position Information

P.H.A.S.E. 1 Athletics Internships are paid once an intern who demonstrate excellent performance completes 120 intern hours, they will be eligible for an hourly pay of $10 an hour.  They may also be eligible for a full time position once internship is completed.



Athletic or Personal Trainer Intern:


  • Greet and check in clients in a friendly, positive, professional manner.

  • Assist with back office work, such as sending emails/cards, helping with testimonials, and running errands as needed

  • Administrative work such as but not limited to; filing, phone calls and inventory input

  • Learn and implement the P.H.A.S.E. 1 Training System

  • Assist with personal training sessions when appropriate.

  • Demonstrate behaviors consistent with the P.H.A.S.E. 1 Athletics’ vision, culture and values in all interactions with clients, coworkers and the general public.

  • Adhere to all company policies, procedures and safety standards.

  • Develop and/or implement at least one special program per month for members related to exercise, wellness, and sport

  • Work in the fitness center as needed

  • Assistance with cleaning and overall maintenance of the facility



  • Interns must spend 10 hours per week in the facility over the course of 8 consecutive weeks.

  • Must have a positive, enthusiastic, energetic personality.

  • Must enjoy working with people,

  • Must be comfortable conversing with clients in person and over the phone in a polite, professional, friendly manner.

  • Must have a working knowledge of health and fitness and the human body, and be able to quickly grasp and apply new concepts.

  • Must be punctual and reliable.


Additional Information

P.H.A.S.E. 1 Athletics Internships are unpaid.  However, interns who demonstrate excellent performance may be eligible for employment after the internship is completed. 


Application Deadline Date:   

April 30th, 2016


*Mentors will interview candidates and select the intern as soon as they have received a sufficient number of applications.



Limited space is available and only suitable candidates will be selected for the program.