Herbert Morrison Technical School

Covered Basketball Court

Our goal is to continue selecting schools and parks around the island to provide with better infrastructure, teaching tools, training equipment. P.H.A.S.E 1 founder Wayne Dawkins was born in Jamaica and will be bringing back other basketball players with Jamaican roots to help inspire them, starting with a basketball camp in the summer of 2021.

Dave Black a physical education teacher at Herbert Morrison Technical HS in Montego Bay, Jamaica has been instrumental in using basketball to enhance the lives of youth in his community. His basketball academy for players 2-21 years-old is hosted at the school’s campus on Saturdays bursts with over 80 participants every week. However, the condition of the basketball court is a big hindrance to the growth of these players; it is outdoors, uncovered and concrete. Players are very susceptible to injuries on the court, and games and training sessions are cut short whenever it rains. 


P.H.A.S.E. 1's effort to build a covered basketball court for Herbert Morrison Technical HS, the first in Western Jamaica, will allow youth in the community to have an outlet for development, regardless of what the weather is like. The hope is the improved infrastructure will inspire the youth to continue playing basketball on the island and the sport opens doors for them like it has for  the youth of Jamaican descent in many other countries.  

Basketball court $75,000USD

  • Surface and Column - $45,000

  • Roofing $15,000

  • Basketball Hoops $5,000

  • Bleachers - $5,000

  • Training Equipment - $5,000

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