Journey Awards Scholarships

$4,000 In Student Athlete Scholarship Money

There is a direct correlation between success in the lives of youth and their participation in sports. However, the costs of training, competition and organizational fees continue to increase faster than family incomes. It is increasingly important that individuals and organizations establish new scholarships, while existing scholarship sponsors increase the number and amount of their awards. The Journey Awards Scholarships was established to offer children who lead multifaceted lives with the required financial support and mentorship to directly impact their immediate goals and propel them towards greater success.


1. Journey Awards Scholarship is open to all student athlete enrolled in a credited educational institute between the age of 12-17 who are pursuing academic and basketball goals beyond high school in order to be considered for an award.

2. Applicant must be a registered member of an organized basketball team, league, houseleague or training program.

3. Applicant and at least one parent or guardian must agree to mentorship from a P.H.A.S.E. 1 Alumni as a part of the application process.

4. Applicants from all regions of Canada are eligible, however priority will go to youth living in Canada's lowest income neighborhoods (based on applicant postal code).



1. Student Athlete applicant creates an account
2. Applicant will the receive a link to a password protected website page with further instructions and to fill out the scholarship application questions,  upload documents and video.
3. Once account is created, they are matched up with a P.H.A.S.E.1 Alumni mentor based on their response to the questions. 
4. The mentor will contact the applicants parent/guardian to arrange a time for an initial interview.
5. After the interview with alumni, the alumni will sign off and inform the committee 
6. Applicant will then respond to all the questions and submit required info.
7. We only accept 100 applicants. Committee will divide the submissions and grade them according to our scoring rubric.
8. Each member of the committee will choose the top 5 best scores out of applicants they grade.
9. Each committee member will present their top 5 high scoring applicants. Committee will vote and all select the top applicants. (based scholarship dollars available)

10. Finalist will receive a 50% of the scholarship money upfront and the remaining 50% after completing the full mentorship process.

1. All mentors receive a list of pre-approved questions the applicant may ask. Applicants with the guidance of a parent/guardian may ask some or all the pre-approved questions
2. Alumni will share their journey as it relates to the questions and give advice only as it directly relates to the list of pre-approved questions. The Journey Awards Committee will have conversations prior to pairing mentor with applicants to assure the best fit and guidelines for appropriate discussion and advice are abided by.
3. Mentorship may consist of personal experience and recommended books, videos or articles. 
4. Once mentorship is completed. Mentor will complete a short feedback form and sign off the applicant has completed the mentorship process.
5. Applicant will then complete the scholarship process and submit all necessary documents and material.

Mentorship Team

P.H.A.S.E. 1 has partnered with National Youth Mentorship Program to help deliver the mentorship for our scholarships.

The NBYMP is an innovative, non-profit platform for youth that provides strong and valid mentorship from high-level professional basketball athletes, university basketball athletes and college/university coaches (all with Canadian ties).

This platform also provides youth with access to financial literacy and sport psychology services, along with access to various strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, spiritual development coaches and sports physicians.


August 5th- Scholarship and Committee Announced 
August 15th - Website open for applications. Closed after first 100 registrations or on April 14.
September 20th- Final 100 applicants contacted.
September 29nd - All applicants assigned a mentor 
October 15th - Deadline for completed applicant submissions.
October 22nd - Finalist announced
November 15th- Final winners announced
* Awards will be presented directly by alumni in the winners community or sent by mail.


Journey Awards Scholarship Committee - is to oversee the annual scholarship and to ensure the timely and fair disposition of scholarship funds.  The committee is charged with publicizing and soliciting applications and making decisions based on the applicants’ responses.  It is also the responsibility of the committee to distribute the scholarship(s) and follow up with recipient(s) to ensure the scholarship(s) awarded is received.

Committee Members:

  • Troy Claxton, Entrepreneur, Owner Progress Inc.

  • Toni Dawkins, Business Professional, Graphic Communications Management

  • Krim Lacey, Professor, University of Michigan - Dearborn

  • Basil Dawkins, Business Professional, Construction Foreman

  • Kevin Wilson, Entrepreneur, NBYMP 

  • Nina Hinds, Entrepreneur, Nutrition and Fitness

  • Dorian Andrews, Entrepreneur, President at AAA Striping & Seal Coating Service

  • Colter Simmonds, Business Professional, Coach

  • Khadija Tappin, Business Professional, Finance

  • Tristan Martin, Business Professional, Finance

  • Keith Vassell, Entrepreneur, The Rock Sports

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