Journey Awards

2021 Canadian Basketball National  Awards

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"Honoring Members Of The Canadian Basketball Community

Since 1998

The success and development of basketball in Canada has been due to the immense contributions of time, effort and expertise made by individuals working at all levels of the sport. P.H.A.S.E. 1 believes it is important to regularly recognize those who have made the greatest contribution through national awards honours in order to preserve their accomplishments and inspire greater performances.



3. Journey NBA/WNBA/NBDL/International Pro:

- Favorite Canadian NBA Player

- Favorite Canadian WNBA Player

- Canadian All World 1st Team Male/Female

- Canadian All World 2nd Team Male/Female

4. Journey Special Awards:

- Pro Basketball Women of the Year  

- Lifetime Achievement in the Basketball Community  

- P.H.A.S.E. 1 Hall of Fame Inductee

1. Journey High School Awards:

- Mr and Miss Basketball

- Coach of the Year

- Team of the Year

- Canadian 1st Team Male/Female

- Canadian 2nd Team Male/Female

2. Journey College/University:

- Favorite Canadian NCAA Player Male/Female

- Canadian All University 1st Team Male/Female

- Canadian All University 2nd Team Male/Female



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