P.H.A.S.E. 1 Rising Stars Basketball Camp was held at Centennial College, where some of the most skilled coaches and players shared their expertise on the game of basketball. Canada’s Senior Men’s Basketball Coach, Leo Rautins, is one of many who provided instructional assistance as well as feedback.


In addition, Steve Nash, point guard for the Phoenix Suns, and winner of the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award for 2005 helped instruct with the campers.

The whole Rising Stars camp, had the privilege of attending the Steve Nash Charity game.


The players who attended the camp, also learned about conditioning, nutrition and skills needed to enhance their game. In addition to this, there were workshops such as time management, preparation for university and strength and conditioning. Many coaches and players were on hand from both Canadian and American universities, to share their experience, and even their strategies for difficult situations.  They were also taught about making it to the next level, whether it’s the college or university.


The event brought out the best of Canadian basketball, with many future stars on the rise. Assistance and instructions were given from the best in the game.