Being recruited for a scholarship or professional contract is often a once in a lifetime opportunity for athletes and it’s important to do everything possible to get seen and evaluated. Schools and professional teams are searching for talented athletes every day and rely on player recruiting and ranking services for guidance.

Therefore if you want to connect with coaches it is important to have a recruiting profile you manage that lets you stand ALONE by consistently updating your schedule, statistics, highlights and game films for coaches so you can tell the whole story of who you are. You also need a recruiting service that gives you the ability to be ranked among your peers regardless of your popularity.

The Elite 1 Basketball System provides you with a self managed profile with assistance from expert consultants certified through the Basketball Training Alliance. Let us assist you in your development and share with you the hard work of seeking out college coaches that are a good fit for you.

Sign up today and create a FREE profile to begin your "Journey of an Elite 1"!


  • Access to player video analysis for development and improved recruiting videos.

  • Percentile ranking, Professional Evaluations and Peer Feedback to remove the bias from arbitrary rankings based on limited observation or popularity.

  • Player percentile rankings based on the average score of multiple evaluations done by our trained consultants who are coaches, trainers and former professional athletes with decades of experience.

  • All verified athletes are ranked against their peers using a comprehensive system with weighted categories to provide player rankings with greater accuracy.

  • Get a clear picture of why you are ranked at a particular level and how to advance or regress in the overall rankings.

  • Provide parents and coaches valuable feedback to support their athletes strategic development and ranking.

  • NCAA Division I coaches are permitted to subscr

ibe to this service for Men's Basketball and Women's Basketball. To confirm approval, NCAA compliance officers and coaches may find this service on the list of approvals linked below. This link requires an NCAA login and is not available to the public.

  • Although you can sign up and create a profile for free, we have excellent paid recruiting resources and services that can really make the difference when searching for a basketball scholarship or professional contract.

  • Works for athletes at any level of experience.

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