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Performance assessments and evaluations to provide feedback is important in all aspects of life. Students are graded on their homework, tests and exams in school. If you work for any well run company, you will be subject to continuous performance reviews. In both these situations there are legislative bodies and ongoing regulation to provide guidelines and quality control checks for peer comparisons and feedback.

In basketball and most youth sports, the future of your child in their sport is being determined by coaches at tryouts, trainers that are determining their potential and scouts with recruiting services that are ranking them and deciding who deserves to be recruited.

Despite how powerful these life-changing mental and emotional situations are for an athlete, at all stages, it is often self-regulated. That is why it is critically important that the individuals making these decisions are trained and put through a certification process to improve their ability to assess and evaluate a basketball player and justify their judgement.

Basketball scouts that perform evaluations for the purpose of ranking and recruitment, along with skills trainers that are assessing athletes to determine the development of their talent, do not have any regulatory standards or financial metrics to be graded on. This has created a grey area on best practices and techniques on how to effectively provide consistent assessment and evaluations for feedback, rankings and development.

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