Schools Without Borders and P.H.A.S.E. 1 Step Community Project

2006 – Nairobi, Kenya


The summer of 2006, two of P.H.A.S.E. 1's Step Team members had the chance to part-take in a life-changing program. Chelsei Munroe and Stephanie Lopez endured a once in a lifetime experience and ventured to Nairobi, Kenya with the organization Schools Without Borders (SWB). The significance of this exciting program was to facilitate the empowerment of young people from a number of communities to be the leaders of tomorrow; the forces of change and progressive development within their own communities.


Along the way, we had the rewarding opportunity to meet with a series of active and influential community leaders who are at the brunt of creating awareness and serving the needs of their communities. These people shared with us the various strategies used to go about assessing the needs of a community and discussed current approaches/challenges to community development. Learning about the ground processes and the foundation it takes to run and sustain a community based project eventually influenced the participants of our program to create and implement our own community projects; that is, with our own design and our own goals and objectives. Our accumulated experiences enabled us to develop many of the tools we needed to implement our own initiatives.